Sunday, 23 June 2013

In which I apologise for not having posted for a while...

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I've not posted anything for a couple of months now.  I did finish a book a little while ago which I hope to belatedly review soon, but I haven't really read anything for about 7 weeks now.  I did start a couple of library books - "Life After Life," by Kate Atkinson and "A Treacherous Likeness," by Lynn Shepherd - but abandoned both because I didn't get to read them in time before I had to return them (with apologies to both authors for not finishing their books).

The reason is simple: I've not been feeling very well.  It has been self-inflicted, but not in the way that the usage of those words normally implies.  In fact, I haven't had any alcohol for quite a while now.  I've not read or posted much for a while because I have felt pretty constantly sick for the past 9 weeks, and exhausted for about the past 7 weeks.  The reason is simple: I'm pregnant.  I can't complain too much - although I have complained quite a lot - because it is something that we have wanted for a while (when I wrote it was self-inflicted, I meant it in the sense of being by deliberate choice and not in any literal asexual sense).  It would be nice though to reach the point where brushing my teeth without throwing up feels normal instead of feeling like a big achievement.

This does mean that I am unsure of the future of this blog at the moment.  I had always thought that when I got pregnant I would try to read a lot during the pregnancy (in the belief that after the baby is born I probably won't get much time to read for another 18 years): however, because I have felt so tired, if I have had spare time when I could have read then I preferred to spend it sleeping.  My Goodreads target for this year is already well buggered.

I am now 14 weeks, and people keep telling me that feeling sick and tired should wear off soon.  I have had a couple of better days, but I don't want to take it for granted.  I feel like my body isn't really my own - which is only to be expected, as I've never had to share tenancy of it with anyone before - and it probably won't feel like mine for a long time, but at least my mind is starting to feel slightly more like my own (by which I mean that I am starting to feel a bit more like reading).

I hope that this feeling will last, and that I will be able to start reading and posting in this blog a little more often in the coming months.  What will happen after the baby is born, however, is anyone's guess.....