Saturday, 15 January 2011

Damn you, Twitlonger

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As Twitlonger posts - a way of cheating I thought I might use when I want to write a review longer than a tweet and shorter than a normal blog post - don't seem to connect very well to my blog, this is what I wrote....

"I Shall Wear Midnight" by Terry Pratchett - a book aimed at his younger readers, so this doesn't have the complexity of ideas of some of his other plots, nor does it have the inventive intensity of word play of some of his other novels. However, it might be my favourite of the Tiffany Aching novels - as an intelligent and resourceful heroine she is a strong contender to be a "good role model" for girls, and the threat she faces in this novel (The Cunning Man) is effectively sinister and creepy. The Nac Mac Feegle are entertaining and funny, as always, and I liked this book enough to stay up until 1.30 one morning finishing it. Thank you Alicia for a great Christmas present!

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