Sunday, 17 July 2011

My Dartington dilemma

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Earlier this week I went to a talk at the Ways with Words Festival at Dartington Hall in Devon (see post on Jasper Fforde).  While there, I faced a dilemma in everyday etiquette.

My moment of crisis was this: if you see a woman with her skirt tucked into her knickers, do you tell her?  I posted this dilemma in passing on Twitter, and raised the question at work.

The response at work seems to be that you should tell her.  But then I do work in an office of girls - it is probably more embarrassing and difficult to tell someone if you are a bloke.

I didn't tell her, but I have a good reason for this.  When I saw said woman, she was heading into the ladies toilet.  My theory was that the situation might rectify itself.  I was sitting in sight of the door, so I resolved to keep an eye out for her and tell her if she still had her arse out when she left.  When she came out, she was fine.

So do you tell someone?  I have to assume that, as she was heading into the ladies, she might have been like it for a while and no-one had told her....


  1. Very tricky ... If it was me, I'd want you to tell me as soon as possible ... *shudders at the very thought of wandering about with me bum out*

  2. I think I would prefer someone to tell me as well. Quietly and tactfully, of course. Pointing and laughing would not be the best way to go...