Sunday, 15 January 2012

A belated award acceptance

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Here's another post where I have to start by apologising for being a bit rubbish.

On 29th November Annalisa Crawford of "Wake up, eat, write, sleep" nominated me for an "One Lovely Blog Award."  I have very rudely got caught up in other things and not thanked Annalisa for the honour, which I would like to do now (I'd also like to thank my parents, my husband and the friends and readers who have supported me!).

It seems that, thankfully, this is not one of these awards where you have to list 10 things that no-one knows about you.  I've just about run out of embarrassing things to admit.

It is one where you are meant to nominate 15 blogs.  I'm not sure that I will manage 15, and I'm not sure if blokes who write blogs will appreciate being called lovely.  I've come to the conclusion that I will still mention male bloggers - but stress that their blogs are lovely in a manly, masculine way.

So here are my recommendations:
  • My lovely husband whose blog "Nerdology" is about films, TV, games and technology.  He's also just started to expand his media empire with a podcast on ITunes called "Nerdology UK."
  • Gill Fraser Lee who writes an excellent blog about the wonderful Jeremy Northam, and who shares writing duties on another blog about Robert Donat (about whom I know very little, but I look forward to finding out more on her blog).
  • I'm going to re-nominate Annalisa because she now has a new lovely blog about fitness, "The Gym Instructor," as well as her original blog about writing: like many people I aim to get fitter in 2012, so it's a good time to start a health and fitness blog.  Don't worry, Annalisa - I won't expect you to nominate another 15.
  • Lady Byron, who I met through Gill and on Twitter, who has a blog about her travel exploits called "Lady Byron's Musings" and another called "Lady Byron's Lancashire Musings."
  • My next blog is an old favourite which I read frequently and enjoy, "Spriteby's Bokhylle," which is about one of my favourite genres: crime fiction.
  • And, of course, Martin's excellent "Seenit" for film and TV news and reviews.
The next few blogs are ones that I have only started to read comparatively recently, but I would highly recommend them ...
  • One of my friends, Beth, writes a couple of blogs which are both well worth checking: an inspiring blog called "Upward Spiral" about "taking control of [her] illnesses so that they no longer control [her]," and another called "Things I Wish They'd Told Me" about parents and children.
  • I've recently started reading a book blog by Joanne called "Being Obscure Clearly."  Joanne writes very eloquently about books and I enjoy her reviews because in some respects we seem to have similar reading tastes; it is good to read her perspective on books that I have read, and also to find out what she thinks of books that I have on my to read list.
  • I'd also recommend John Hood's blog, "Generation Star Wars" about TV, film, Macs and gadgetry.
  • I've recently found Victoria Watson on Twitter, who is a writer and has books available on the Kindle and a great blog called "Elementaryvwatson."
  • I would also highly recommend Andrew Lewin's excellent blog "Taking the Short View," about TV, films and books.
  • And, lastly but certainly not least, "This is Matt Barber," for another take on popular culture.
I think the custom is to post on their blogs to say that I have nominated them, as Annalisa did on mine, but please excuse me from doing that as I am now starting another headache (I can get a note from my Mum, if necessary).  I hope that people who read this might discover a new blog which they might not have known about, and that's great, and if anyone that I recommended wants to pass on the "One Lovely Blog Award," well that's great too ...

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