Monday, 28 May 2012

"The Last Werewolf" episode of "The Readers"

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When I wrote my previous post on "The Last Werewolf," I mentioned that it was a Summer Book Club pick for "The Readers."  Their episode on Glen Duncan's novel has come out today and you can find it here and on ITunes.  I hope they won't mind me linking to their site.

As a result of my last post, which I tweeted them a link to, one of the hosts, Gav, asked me if I would like to join their discussion panel.  I was hesitant at first because I've never been on a podcast - I've been asked by a couple of other people and had wimped out - but I decided that it was too good an opportunity to pass up.  Also on the discussion panel were Sakura of the blog "Chasing Bawa" and Nicola Mostyn as well as hosts Gav and Simon.

It was a strange experience to be on the discussion panel, as it took place on my birthday and I was very nervous.  I wasn't sure whether to link to it because I was afraid that I might sound
a) like an idiot
b) like an adenoidal 13 year old girl
As this wasn't the case - at least not as much as I feared (although I did sound very Cornish sometimes) - I have posted the link above.  Gav and Simon's own thoughts as always are entertaining and interesting, and they also have a fascinating interview with Glen Duncan on the programme.


  1. Amy you KILLED it! No need to worry. Thing is you do sound really young, not what I expected. I hope you'll do a podcast with Mark maybe "The Thin Man".

  2. Thanks Monica!

    Mark has got a new podcast in the works - which Erik is going to guest on again - and I might join in. I'm not sure. I feel more confident in writing than I am in speaking.

    The Thin Man is an interesting idea which I've just mentioned to Mark. I'm not sure that I have read the books, but I remember enjoying the films with Myrna Loy when I was younger.