Monday, 11 June 2012

Home alone

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My husband is away overnight on work training one night this week, so I'm wondering how to spend my evening home alone? Perhaps I could finish the horror novel I'm reading? Earlier in the book someone got out of bed in the dark and stood on something jellyfish-like that slithered over the floor. He got a glimpse of a disembodied, grinning clown-like face disappearing under the bed. What could possibly go wrong with the plan to finish this book while I am spending a night alone (sleeplessness, nightmares, chronic coulrophobia)?

I am writing this at 11.45pm (ish) on the night of being home alone.  I haven't been laying comedy traps for incompetent burglars.  Instead I have just finished reading my horror novel.  My jumpiness at every noise (restless normally nocturnal neighbour, a saucepan from the washing up settling on the draining board) confirms my suspicion that finishing this book late at night while alone was not a wise thing to do.

I think I will read something funny next to dispel the heeby-jeebies.

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