Thursday, 3 January 2013

"Apocalypse," by Dean Crawford

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I have previously read Dean Crawford's two earlier books, "Covenant" and "Immortal," and I have written about them in previous posts in this blog.  I enjoyed them a lot, so I was keen to read his latest book as soon as it came out.  I was lucky enough to receive his first two books as review copies but, as I didn't get a review copy of this one, I had a quick trip to the library.

Like his earlier books, "Apocalypse" features the team of Ethan Warner and Nicola Lopez who, when this novel opens, are still struggling to survive working as bail bondsmen.  They are once again recruited by the Defense Intelligence Agency to assist with a case.  This time, the investigating officer at a murder scene receives a phone call from the chief suspect who just happens to be able to predict events in the future.  In a trail that is laid out for the investigating police, their suspect instructs them to contact Warner.  The ensuing adventure leads them to the Bermuda Triangle, which is a fun myth for Dean Crawford to play with and an idea that I found very interesting (although I don't necessarily believe in it, the Bermuda Triangle is cool).

Once again, a big pleasure of this book is the relationship between Ethan and the feisty Nicola.  In my review of Crawford's last book I wrote that I felt there is more to develop in their characters, and the reader learns more about them in this novel - and the addition of a new character (who I rather liked) helps to act as a catalyst for this.  And, I have to say, "Apocalypse" has a pretty great cliffhanger for the next book.

If you like the books of James Rollins or Chris Kuzneski, then you will probably like this and you should read "Apocalypse" now.

Sorry.  My whole review was leading up to that lame joke at the end of the last sentence.

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